Utility Functions

ssh2.utils.find_eol(bytes buf, Py_ssize_t pos)
Find end-of-line in buffer from position and return end position of

line and where next find_eol should start from.

Eg - find_eol(b’line

line2’, 0) would return (5, 6), next call should be
line2’, 6) for next line where 6 was added to previous


param buf:Data buffer to parse for line.
type buf:bytes
param pos:Starting position to parse from
type pos:int
rtype:(int, int)
ssh2.utils.handle_error_codes(int errcode) → int

Raise appropriate exception for given error code.

Returns 0 on no error and LIBSSH2_ERROR_EAGAIN on EAGAIN.

Raises:Appropriate exception from ssh2.exceptions.
Parameters:errcode – Error code as returned by ssh2.session.Session.last_errno()

Call libssh2_exit

ssh2.utils.version(int required_version=0)

Get libssh2 version string.

Passing in a non-zero required_version causes the function to return None if version is less than required_version

Parameters:required_version (int) – Minimum required version
ssh2.utils.wait_socket(_socket, Session session, timeout=1)

Helper function for testing non-blocking mode.

This function blocks the calling thread for <timeout> seconds - to be used only for testing purposes.